SAE Mobilus Discovery and Abstracting/Indexing Services

SAE International content is abstracted/indexed by major discovery vendors as shown in the listing below. Our XML subscription options include standards, journals, technical papers, eBooks, and EDGE reports.

Discovery Providers



Indexed content includes journal articles, technical papers, standards, EDGE reports, and eBooks.





EBSCO Discovery Service
Indexed content includes journal articles, technical papers, eBooks, and standards.
Google Scholar
Indexed content includes journal articles and technical papers.
Indexed content includes journal articles, technical papers, EDGE reports, and eBooks.

WorldCat Discovery



WorldCat indexes SAE International eBooks.                


Abstracting/Indexing Services


Web of Science

Indexed content includes journal articles.  

Indexed content includes journal articles.

Indexed content includes journal articles and technical papers.

Indexed content includes journal articles, technical papers, standards, and eBooks.


Engineering Village - Compendex



FIZ Karlsruh
STN – CAS STNext: Indexed content includes journal articles, technical papers, eBooks, and standards.

IET - The Institution of Engineering and Technology
IET Inspec indexes journal articles and technical Papers.
Indexed content includes journal articles, technical papers, standards, EDGE reports, and eBooks.

IHS Engineering Workbench


IHS Goldfire                

Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency
Indexed content includes journal articles and technical papers




JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan)
Indexed content includes technical Papers from 2005.

JSTOR indexes selected SAE International journals.
Indexed content includes journal articles, EDGE reports and technical papers from 1998-present.
WTI Techfinder
Indexed content includes journal articles and technical papers from 1998-present.




SAE International content is also available through the following products and services.


BrowZine indexes journal articles in this popular journal issue table of contents service from Third Iron.


Learn how to integrate BrowZine with your discovery service to connect from an article record in Summon, Primo, OCLC or EBSCO to the original complete journal issue in BrowZine.

Google Books
Google Books indexes SAE International eBooks.                

Google Play
Google Play indexes SAE International eBooks.                


IEEE indexes SAE International eBooks.
Knovel indexes SAE International eBooks.                

Researcher App content includes journal articles.


Portico indexes SAE International content to ensure that our information is always accessible to researchers, students, and scholars. This includes journals and eBooks. Technical papers and standards will be preserved in the near future. SAE International offers post-cancellation access through Portico. Our partners can be comfortable in the knowledge that our legacy content is preserved in digital formats.
A list of services Portico offers can be found here:
For more information about our content in Portico, please see:


SAE International provides metadata in many different formats including XML, ONIX, MARC, and KBART. Our current XML schema for journals and technical papers is JATS publishing 1.1. Standards are provided in NLM 3.0 XML. 

For more information about NISO NLM and JATS, please see:

In compliance with NISO RP-9-2014, SAE International now offers KBART (Knowledge Base and Related Tools) records to our discovery partners upon request. This makes indexing our eBooks, journals, and technical papers easier and improves access to SAE International content.

MARC Records
All journal articles, technical papers, Standards, EDGE reports and eBooks published by SAE International have bibliographic information available in MARC21 (Machine Readable Cataloguing for the 21st century) format. In doing so, SAE International follows the lead of the Library of Congress and major information providers. Discovery partners and individual customers alike can submit a request for MARC records. SAE created Marc records are also available in OCLC WorldCat and Exlibris Alma CZ (Community Zone).

In providing MARC21 records to our partners, we ensure their catalogues are completed with the most accurate information for our content. This information can then be shared across institutions worldwide. When applicable, SAE International MARC records include:

  • Title
  • Contributor(s)
  • Abstract
  • Publication information
  • Table of Contents
  • Access information

Does Mobilus support WAYFless URLs?
Yes! To avoid having to use the Institutional Login page ('Where Are You From' - WAYF) it is possible to link directly to articles on the Mobilus site. If the user is already logged in they will be taken directly to the article, otherwise they will be taken directly to your Institutional login page and then onto the article after logging in.

Add WAYFless links to your catalog records, journals lists, database A-Z or Intranet.

Popular Discovery services (Exlibris, OCLC, EDS) can be configured to prefix an outgoing URL with your SSO (WAYFLESS URL). Please contact your Discovery provider for more details.

WAYFless URLs can be created using the following syntax:[]&target=[]

  • entityID = Identity Provider EntityID, e.g.:
  • target = SAE Mobilus URL or DOI (For example: Mobilus search page, search URLs (with search parameters), Journal title page, eBook abstract page or blind URL).


Search URLs (with search parameters)


Search URLs including parameters MUST be encoded. All other target URLs do not need encoding but work if they are.



When you’re creating the WAYFless URL you can build your search URL in Mobilus with terms and filters, but you will need to encode the URL and include that as the “target” URL.

  • Build your search query.
  • Copy URL.
  • Encode the URL to set as the “target.”

Use this website:


The example above encoded:


Full encoded WAYFless URL:[]&


Where [] is your Identity Provider EntityID.


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