Content Summary and Detail Page

SAE MOBILUS comprises over 200,000 full text and bibliographic records of the most current technical papers, standards, ebooks, magazine content, and related publications. The different document content types contain unique features to maximize their value. For example, Technical Papers have enhanced features that allow annotation while some standards contain 2D/3D parts standards.

Tour of the summary and detail page:

 The elements available on the Details and Summary page are dependent on the type of document being viewed. There are five (5) main types of documents: Technical Papers, Standards, Professional Development, Videos and Other (books).  Each document element is covered in detail below.

1.Left Feature Elements: Each Summary and Details page contain enhanced feature elements that can be found on the left-hand side of the page.  These features enhance the content of the document and include such elements as: Citations, 2D/3D standards, Revision History, Citing References, etc. 
  • Data Sets are available for tables in publications that have been converted to XML.
  • Cross References are available with one click.
  • Revisions offer a list of the current version of the document (and revisions).  Some standards in SAE offer Redlining that will display the content that has been changed from one version of the document to the next.  While not all standards currently offer redlining, additional content is being updated daily.
  • Citing References will display available references contained within the document.
2. Document Action Items: Across the top, the document action items include:
  • Export document metadata and available citations.
  • Download a document quickly in the available formats.
  • Purchase a document which is not a part of your current subscription
  • Print either the entire document or utilize the ability to select specific document sections to print
  • Favorite is a part of the Dashboard and allows you to Favorite an item and save it to a personalized folder, which can be accessed through the Dashboard
  • Share the document details quickly and easily via email or copying the URL
  • Check My Access appears when not logged into a subscription
3. View/Annotate/Preview: 
  • Preview is associated with a document that is currently not available in your subscription and allows the ability to preview several pages of content to make informed decisions regarding a purchase.
  • View/Annotate allows for the viewing of the XML version of the document along with annotations.
4. Content Enhancement Icons are used to convey interactive elements within content