Personal Dashboard - Administrator

The Dashboard is your place to customize the SAE MOBILUS platform for your specific needs. Create folders, organize documents, and save searches.  The Dashboard requires a personal login so that the customization made is accessible and applied to you individually.
The credentials for the Dashboard are the same credentials that you utilize for access to mySAE, My TechZone, Conference Registrations and other SAE related sites. If you do not have credentials, you may register for a free Dashboard account using the available registration option.

To log in to the Dashboard:

  1. Select the “Dashboard” tab, and login to the Dashboard using your existing mySAE username and password. If you do not have a mySAE username and password, select the “Register Now” option to create an account.


Tour of the Dashboard

  1. Recent Activity: The recent activity displays a list of keyword searches that the user recently conducted on the SAE MOBILUS platform. 
  2. Administration: If you are an SAE MOBILUS Administrator, information regarding testing IP, collections and usage reporting will be found here. These tools can be used to check basic access issues. SAE MOBILUS will check a username and password, or IP address for authentication. If you experience access issues to your subscription, an easy to use tool is provided to test your authentication.
  3. My Preferences: Allows you to manage your SAE MOBILUS preferences including Alerts and Notifications.
  4. Annotations:  Many Technical Papers have the option to “View/Annotate” from the summary and detail page. Any annotation made will be automatically saved to the “Annotations” folder.
  5. Favorites: You can tag documents as “Favorites” in SAE MOBILUS. Once the document is classified as a Favorite, you can save the document to personally created and named folders found within the “Favorites” folders.
  6. Saved Searches: If there are searches that you routinely conduct, you can save them to the Dashboard, “Saved Searches”.