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Field Validation of the MC Default Fill Hydrogen Fueling Protocol

Journal Article
ISSN: 2167-4191, e-ISSN: 2167-4205
Published April 14, 2015 by SAE International in United States
Field Validation of the MC Default Fill Hydrogen Fueling Protocol
Citation: Mathison, S., Handa, K., McGuire, T., Brown, T. et al., "Field Validation of the MC Default Fill Hydrogen Fueling Protocol," SAE Int. J. Alt. Power. 4(1):130-144, 2015,
Language: English


Appendix H of the SAE J2601 standard defines a development hydrogen fueling protocol named the MC Default Fill, which builds upon the foundation of the table based protocol, utilizing the same assumptions, boundary conditions, and process limits as the current standard. The MC Default Fill facilitates the following beyond the table based protocol: 1) the potential to provide faster, more consistent fueling times for fuel cell electric vehicle customers, and 2) the ability to continuously and dynamically adjust to a wide range of dispenser fuel delivery temperatures, allowing for more flexibility in station design.
Computer simulations and laboratory bench tests were previously conducted and documented, validating the function and operation of the protocol. Through the application of the MC Default Fill to a commercial hydrogen dispenser, and by conducting a large number of fills on multiple hydrogen storage systems under a wide range of operating conditions, this paper will document the real world performance and behavior of the protocol. Issues related to practical implementation of the protocol will also be discussed, as well as enhancements and revisions to the protocol that were realized from this field application. The objective of this effort is to provide validation of the MC Default Fill protocol in the field.