Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Methods, Second Edition



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Designed for the experienced practitioner, this new book aims to help reconstruction specialists with problems they may encounter in everyday analysis. The authors demonstrate how to take the physics behind accidents out of the idealized world and into practical situations. Real-world examples are used to illustrate the methods, clarify important concepts, and provide practical applications to those working in the field. Thoroughly revised, this new edition builds on the original exploration of accident analysis, reconstruction, and vehicle design. Enhanced with new material and improved chapters on key topics, an expanded glossary of automotive terms, and a bibliography at the end of the book providing further reading suggestions make this an essential resource reference for engineers involved in litigation, forensic investigation, automotive safety, and crash reconstruction. Police officers, attorneys, and insurance professionals will also find the book to be a definitive resource in reconstructing accident scenes. New Topics: • Event data recorders (EDRs) • Frictional drag coefficients for sliding tires • Railroad grade-crossing collisions • New practical applications of mathematical methods Enhanced Features: • Expanded glossary of automotive terms • Bibliography with further reading suggestions • Improved chapters on tire forces, rollover accidents, crush energy, pedestrian collisions, vehicle dynamic simulation
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Brach, R., and Brach, M., "Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Methods, Second Edition,".(Warrendale, PA: SAE International, 2011),.
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Apr 12, 2011
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