Care and Repair of Advanced Composites, 3rd Edition



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The new edition of the well known Care and Repair of Advanced Composites, 3rd Edition, improves on the usefulness of this practical guide geared towards the aerospace industry.

Keith B. Armstrong, the original lead author of the first edition was still in charge of this project, counting on the expert support of Eric Chesmar, senior composites specialist at United Airlines. Mr. Chesmar is also an active member of SAE International's CACRC (Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee), an elite group of industry experts dedicated to the standardization, safety, security, and efficiency of composite repairs in the airline industry.

Mr. Francois Museux (Airbus) and Mr. William F. Cole II also contributed. Care and Repair of Advanced Composites, 3rd Edition, presents a fully updated approach to the training syllabus recommended for repair design engineers and composite repair mechanics. Metal bonding has been included partly because the defi nition of "composite" can be interpreted to include metal-skinned honeycomb panels, and partly because some composite parts have metal fi ttings or reinforcements that must be treated before bonding. This third edition also covers a number of the problems experienced in service, some of which may be applicable to metallic sandwich panels, offers suggestions for design improvements, including repair design as a particular topic, and regulatory changes.

Care and Repair of Advanced Composites, 3rd Edition, provides solid technical information and training for a wide range of airline staff.

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Chesmar, E., Cole, W., Museux, F., and Armstrong, K., "Care and Repair of Advanced Composites, 3rd Edition,".(Warrendale, PA: SAE International, 2020),.
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Dec 31, 2020
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