The Business of Sustainable Mobility from Vision to Reality



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Mobility is in crisis, but few seem aware of the full extent of it. This book shows that for a genuinely sustainable transport future, far more radical change - affecting many aspects of society - is needed.

This book brings together a range of views representing both leading-edge thinking and best practices in the mobility sector, with the individual expert contributions framing a broader vision of future mobility. It is necessary to move beyond the technology of new cars to confront the challenges of institutional, cultural, and social change required for increased sustainability. This book breaks through the conventional boundary between engineering and the social sciences, and the contributors represent both sides of this divide, combining economists, engineers, geographers, designers, and others.

Topics include:

  • The private car - how to power it, build it, and deliver it to customers in a more sustainable future
  • Innovative propulsion systems
  • Business models for sustainability
  • Alternative vehicle concepts
  • Current practice and experience
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Nieuwenhuis, P., Vergragt, P., and Wells, P., "The Business of Sustainable Mobility from Vision to Reality,".(Sheffield, ENGLA: Greenleaf Publishing, 2006),.
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Jan 1, 2006
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