Test Automation Software for AI Planning Software




This test automation software reduces the burden of testing artificial-intelligence (AI) planning software written in the Heuristic Scheduling Testbed System (HSTS) [a software architecture for planning and scheduling]. It automates what would otherwise be the labor intensive and infeasibly time-consuming process of determining whether the plans produced by the planner in response to test case inputs are consistent with the specifications. Automating this process is particularly important for verifying planning systems due to the large numbers of test cases and the complexity of both the plans and the specifications. This program automatically translates constraints written in the HSTS constraint language into automatically executable queries in a database language. As a result, plans generated by HSTS planning software can be automatically verified for satisfaction of all the constraints. Moreover, the constraints can be validated by manually expressing their intents directly in the database query language, then plans generated by the HSTS planning software can be automatically verified through the responses to those queries. Redundant information contained within plans is automatically cross-checked, thus increasing confidence in the correct operation of the planning software and of the plan-checkers themselves. This program generates a pass/fail report of the responses of the planning software, as well as detailed and summary reports as to how each constraint was or was not satisfied. It also generates simple metrics concerning the constraints and requirements exercised in testing.

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"Test Automation Software for AI Planning Software," Mobility Engineering, October 1, 2001.
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Oct 1, 2001
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