Technical Study for the Development of Air Brake Compressor in Electric Commercial Vehicles

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The development of electric commercial vehicles brought up novel challenges in the design of efficient and reliable air brake systems. The compressor is one of the critical components of the air brake system and is responsible for supplying pressurized air to the brake system. In this study, we aimed to gather essential information regarding the pressure and flow rate requirements for the compressor in the air brake system of electric commercial vehicles. We extensively analyzed the existing air brake systems utilized in conventional commercial vehicles. We examined the performance characteristics of reciprocating compressors traditionally employed in these systems. Recognizing the need for novel compressor designs tailored to electric commercial vehicles, we focused on identifying the specifics such as efficiency, performance characteristics, reliability, and cost of the compressor.
Our study utilized theoretical calculations to ascertain the optimal pressure and flow rate parameters. By thoroughly evaluating vehicle brake standards and meticulously analyzing relevant data, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the performance requirements for compressors in electric commercial vehicle air brake systems. Our analysis considered various factors, including vehicle weight, stopping distance, and operational conditions, providing valuable insights into the specific needs of these systems.
The research results serve as the foundation for developing compressors that are more efficient, reliable, and compatible with electric vehicles equipped with regeneration capabilities. Ultimately, implementing these improvements will raise the standard for safety, reliability, and overall performance in the air brake systems of electric commercial vehicles.
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Dhere, S., Gupta, S., Kumar, G., and Reddy, V., "Technical Study for the Development of Air Brake Compressor in Electric Commercial Vehicles," Commercial Vehicles 17(2):213-220, 2024,
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