Repeatability of a Small Overlap and an Oblique Moving Deformable Barrier Test Procedure

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NHTSA has developed two different moving deformable barrier-to-vehicle test procedures to assess the vehicle and occupant response in narrow overlap motor vehicle crashes. An assessment of test repeatability is one of the requirements necessary to accept the test procedure as viable. Previous methodologies, coefficient of variation (CV) and similarity analysis were developed to assess the repeatability of vehicle and occupant response in motor vehicle crash tests for full frontal and 40% overlap tests procedures. These will be used for this assessment.
Three repeat tests were performed in each test procedure, with all other factors held constant: vehicles of the same make, model, and model year; moving deformable barriers of the same mass, velocity, and barrier face properties; and the same occupant - a THOR 50th percentile adult male in the driver's seat. In general, for this one vehicle make and model the repeatability of both vehicle and occupant response metrics were good for both test modes. In isolated cases, differences in occupant response resulted from the timing of side curtain air bag deployment.
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Saunders, J., and Parent, D., "Repeatability of a Small Overlap and an Oblique Moving Deformable Barrier Test Procedure," Transportation Safety 1(2):309-327, 2013,
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Apr 8, 2013
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