Performance Analysis of the ABS Control on Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Equipped with Regenerative Braking System

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Anti-lock brake system (ABS) prevents the vehicle wheels from locking up and reduces the total stopping distance as far as possible. The current implementation is based on a traditional hydraulic disk brake and small wheel inertia. Seen the need for making vehicles cleaner in the future, it can be expected that an increasing the amount of vehicles will be equipped with electric motors able to regenerate energy during braking. The addition of this electric motor changes the properties of the brake actuation and has an influence on the wheel inertia. However, the objective of this paper is to study the change of the dynamics induced by the regenerative braking which assess the performance of traditional ABS systems on the parallel hybrid electric vehicles. The MATLAB software to establish the simulation model, which include the single wheel dynamic model, hydraulic brake system model, electric motor brake system model and traditional ABS controller were used. Moreover, an integrated control scheme for regenerative braking based on anti-lock regenerative brake system (ARBS) is implemented. Using ARBS, the braking and regenerative performances of parallel hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) have significantly improved in slippery roads while the slip ratios are kept between 0.15 and 0.25. The simulation results show that the control scheme not only realizes the harmony and compatibility between electric motor brake and conventional friction brake, recovering the energy, but also fully takes the advantage of quick response of motor braking, better realizing the anti-lock braking control of vehicles. In addition, the simulation results also show that the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) with the braking-driving integrated system has better ABS performances than the HEV with the traditional brake system, and has more the regenerative brake system (RBS) efficiency than other regenerative braking systems.
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Mohamed, E., Abouel-Seoud, S., and Elsayed, M., "Performance Analysis of the ABS Control on Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Equipped with Regenerative Braking System," Passenger Cars - Electronic and Electrical Systems 8(2):477-491, 2015,
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Aug 1, 2015
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