Design and Application of Electronic Toll Collection Special Situation Processing System

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In 2018, the state explicitly proposed to “promote the cancellation of expressway toll stations at provincial boundaries.” Electronic toll collection has become the main toll collection method on expressways. With the construction of ETC toll lanes, the proportion of ETC vehicles in the expressway traffic flow is increasing, and the rapid processing of vehicle special situations is facing challenges. At present, various provinces have adopted various methods to improve the traffic efficiency and transaction success rate of ETC from the issuance link, customer service link, and lane transaction link. According to statistical data, the average transaction success rate of ETC lane is not higher than 99% at present. As of October 2021, the number of ETC users nationwide has reached 256 million, and there are an average of 40 million ETC transactions per day across the network, that is, about 400,000 special cases need to be processed. How to efficiently deal with special vehicles in the new mode and avoid ramp toll stations becoming traffic bottlenecks is a new problem facing at this stage. In order to fit the application scenarios of ETC lanes and solve the problems of time-consuming, labor-intensive, and high safety risks of traditional special situation processing methods, this article sorts out the classification and application scenarios of expressway ETC special situations under the new model. The development status and existing problems of ETC special situation processing are studied and analyzed. This article also establishes a more rapid and convenient special situation handling mechanism, which simplifies the processing process of ETC lane special situations to the greatest extent, and avoids traffic congestion and potential safety problems caused by ETC special situations. Finally, the self-service processing and unattended lanes are realized, which improves the efficiency of special situation processing and ensures fast passage.
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Guo, X., Guo, F., Zhang, M., Zheng, F. et al., "Design and Application of Electronic Toll Collection Special Situation Processing System,"
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