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The SAE 2010 World Congress, with the theme “Ecollaboration: engage. exchange. excel,” will be held April 13-15, 2010, at Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. With this theme, host company Ford is calling for collaboration as a way to develop innovative solutions to overcome economic and environmental challenges.

With its 2010 World Congress, SAE International truly seeks to be innovative, not just in the technical content that is provided at the show but also in the way the show is presented. Driven by a desire to create an event that reflects the current state of the automotive industry and the opportunity to establish an event that will be sustainable in the long term, World Congress organizers-even prior to the ′09 event-reached out to key constituents, hosted focus groups, and conducted surveys to ensure that the event accurately meets the needs of its customers. This feedback eventually led to major changes to the exhibit for 2010 as well as the way exhibitors are chosen and the types of technologies that are discussed.

While maintaining the event's core values, the SAE 2010 World Congress, to be held April 13-15 at Cobo Center in Detroit, MI, was designed to be shorter and smarter. Breaking from the traditional four days, this year's event will cover three days and will only feature the most innovative technologies on the show floor. To participate in the event as an exhibitor, companies had to submit an application detailing the noteworthy technologies to be displayed and then have that application reviewed by a panel of OEM engineers and executives, who then selected only the most innovative technologies to be present on the show floor.

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Mar 2, 2010
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