Bizjets Wait for the Uplift



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A look at how the global executive jet market is fighting back after a hard few years.

The past two decades saw the market for new business jets explode, with corporate customers discovering and embracing the value of a tool that could bypass the congestion and frustrations of airline travel, going more directly where they wanted to go, and allowing work to continue along the way. It seemed a perfect win-win situation for busy executives who could arrive at a destination refreshed and prepared for that important meeting, and for companies who could increase the productivity of their senior management at a competitive cost compared to using premium airfares on every trip.

Added to the rapid rise in company-owned business aircraft were a host of new “fly-as-you-go” air-taxi and fractional operators offering competitive rates for hired-out aircraft that came with crews, and all administrative and support functions taken care of.

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Dec 1, 2013
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