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Path Planning Algorithm of Intelligent Vehicle Based on Improved Visibility Graphs

  • Chongqing Jiaotong University - hanbing wei
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-1581
Published 2018-08-07 by SAE International in United States
At present, the visibility graphs algorithm is mainly implemented in the field of mobile robot’s path planning on unstructured pavement. It only considers the common constraints such as travel time and move distance. The problems of road boundary and vehicle dynamics constraints are not involved. In this paper, a local path planning algorithm based on improved visibility graphs was proposed for intelligent vehicles traveling on structured road. The algorithm combined the geometric constraints of the road boundary with the vehicle dynamics constraints. By predicting the position of the obstacle vehicle in the preview time, the algorithm was used to generate the information of path network. Then, the performance index function was used to evaluate the trajectory which satisfying the maximum curvature constraint in the network. In this way a smooth path with minimum distances satisfying the constraints was obtained. Finally, the validity and efficiency of the algorithm are verified in simulation experiments. The experimental results show that, the planned path achieved in this paper has shorter travel distance and lower curvature, which is more appropriate…

Research on Variable Steering Ratio Control Strategy of Steer-by-wire Steering System

  • Univ of CAS,IEECAS - Yan Wu
  • Key Laboratory of PEED,IEECAS - Lifang Wang, Fang Li
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-1583
Published 2018-08-07 by SAE International in United States
Due to the elimination of the mechanical connection, the steer-by-wire steering system can freely design the angular transmission ratio between the hand steering wheel and the road steering wheel. In this paper, the variable steering ratio control strategies under normal driving conditions and unconventional driving conditions were proposed. The variable steering ratio control of normal driving conditions is based on the ideal yaw rate gain, taking into account the low-speed steering lightness and high-speed steering stability, and the steering ratio varies with the vehicle speed and the hand steering wheel angle, which ensures the vehicle steering sensitivity at low speed and the steering stability at high speed. The variable steering ratio control of the unconventional driving conditions is based on yaw rate dynamic feedback control, and the steering ratio varies with the vehicle movement status. Here we use active steering control which is based on active disturbance rejection control to achieve yaw rate dynamic feedback control, which can improve vehicle stability and has strong robust. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed variable…

Research on Information Security Risk Evaluation of Vehicle Information System Based on Fuzzy- BP-GA

  • Beihang University - Yinghui wang, Guizhen Yu, Yunpeng Wang, Haojie Ji, Hongmao Qin, Pengcheng Wang
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-1642
Published 2018-08-07 by SAE International in United States
With the development of the intelligent connected vehicle , the security of vehicle information system is facing a number of aspects of threats.The entire intelligent connected vehicle information system is consist of the ECUs, sensors, CAN bus,In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI), T-BOX as well as TSP(Telematics Service Provider) cloud platform,etc. These assets will be facing many threats such as eavesdropping, tampering, counterfeiting and replay,etc. The information security risk evaluation of automobile information system is the precondition of realizing the information security of automobile full life cycle,an asset in the vehicle information system may exist a variety of potential security vulnerabilities,and each security vulnerability may be also exploited by counterfeiting, denial of service,etc.According to the current situation that the risk assessment of automobile information system is qualitatively ,quantitatively, linear, nonlinear and so on, lots of factors make the security assessment of it very complicated and difficult. So in this paper, the fuzzy theory, BP neural network technology and genetic algorithm (Fuzzy-BP-GA) are introduced into the risk assessment of ICV information system.Combining with the information security risk assessment…

Analysis of Vehicle Steering Stability of Nonlinear Four Wheel Steering Based on Sliding Mode Control

  • ASCL,Jilin Univ. - Jiaxu Zhang
  • ASCL,Jilin Univ - Hongyu Zheng
  • Show More
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-1593
Published 2018-08-07 by SAE International in United States
Steering movement is the most basic movement of the vehicle, in the car driving process, the driver through the steering wheel has always been to control the direction of the car, in order to achieve their own driving intention. Four Wheel Steering (4WS) is an advanced vehicle control technique which can markedly improve vehicle steering characteristics. Compared with traditional front wheel steering vehicles,4WS vehicles can steer the front wheels and the rear wheels individually for cornering, according to the vehicle motion states such as the information of vehicle speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration. Therefore, 4WS can enhance the handling stability and improve the active safety for vehicles. Based on the theory of Vehicle Dynamics and Sliding Mode Control, this paper investigates the following issues, Firstly, a 2DOF 2WS vehicle model is built up by using the state-space equations, which will be used to compare the 4WS vehicle model containing vehicle lateral and yaw; Secondly, based on the 4WS vehicle model with nonlinear tire lateral force characteristics, the control algorithm is designed to use feed-forward…

Passenger car 25% overlapping rate collision accident study base on CIDAS

  • CATARC - Xudong Li, Miao Lin, Xiaowei Lian
  • Chang'an University - Fujun Cui
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-1595
Published 2018-08-07 by SAE International in United States
With vehicle technologies development,vehicle safety is much better than before, many companies put research focus on harder accident scenarios. 25% overlapping rate collision is considered as one type of most dangerous collision,this paper study this type accidents base on China In-Depth Accident Study (CIDAS) database. this database include more than 4000 cases in China. We study the accident contents from impact characteristics, human injury, seat position, injury causing part,and dirver behaviours. the paper can help researcher to create scenarios to test the ADAS technology in China and promote ADAS system.

An Optimization Approach to Conduction Emission Test of T-BOX

  • CATARC - jiang li
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-1643
Published 2018-08-07 by SAE International in United States
For the exceed standard limits problem of T-BOX in radiation emission(RE) and conduction emission(CE) test process, π filter is designed and added to the positive polar and negative polar of power supply based on the analysis of hardware circuit. The conduction emission test results of T-BOX after optimized can meet the requirements of GB/T 18655-2010 standard.


  • Mepco Schlenk Engineering College - Thanikachalam J, Vasiraja N, VIGNESH V
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-28-0049
Published 2018-07-09 by SAE International in United States
This study deals with the preparation of composites by using matrix method in which good interfacial adhesion is generated by a combination of fiber modification and hand layup methods. The objectives of this experiment are to evaluate the suitability of producing natural fiber composites using luffa fiber, palm fiber and bamboo fiber and to fabricate the safety helmet by combining these three fibers. Initially these fibers were treated in order to improve resin fiber interfacial bonding. Generally, composites that contain treated fiber have a higher tensile modulus and greater flexural modulus than do untreated fiber composites. Here using 40% fibers and 60% matrix orientation method for composite fibers with epoxy resin to check tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength to give greater strength composite materials. It was observed that the effects of reinforcing epoxy resin matrix with the fibers caused the composites to be more flexible and easily deform due to high strain values and reduction of high resonant amplitude. In the present study, an attempt has been made to reinforce, epoxy resin matrix with…

Mechanical Retractor Noise Evaluation on Electrodynamic Shaker: Test Procedure

  • ZF Group - Kai-Ulrich Machens, Jens Scholz
Published 2018-06-13 by SAE International in United States

Modern vehicles are driven with various speeds over specific rough road tracks to detect the presence of annoying buzz, squeak and rattle sounds. As known in the occupant safety industry the mechanical locking systems of seat belt retractors can be significant noise sources, when excited by road vibrations.


Seat Belt Retractor Noise Test Correlation to 2DOF Shaker Test and Real Vehicle Comfort

  • VIRTUAL VEHICLE - Johann Payer, Maximilian Amort, Josef Girstmair, Eugene Nijman
  • BMW AG - Florian Ober
  • Show More
Published 2018-06-13 by SAE International in United States

Seatbelt retractors as important part of modern safety systems are mounted in any automotive vehicle. Their internal locking mechanism is based on mechanically sensing elements. When the vehicle is run over rough road tracks, the retractor oscillates by spatial mode shapes and its interior components are subjected to vibrations in all 6 degrees of freedoms (DOF). Functional backlash of sensing elements cause impacts with neighbouring parts and leads to weak, but persistent rattle sound, being often rated acoustically annoying in the vehicle.


PMSM Noise - Simulation Measurement Comparison

  • AVL-AST d.o.o. - Borislav Klarin
  • AVL LIST GmbH - Karl Knaus, Juergen Schneider, Franz Diwoky, Thomas Resch, Stephan Brandl
Published 2018-06-13 by SAE International in United States

Growing development of hybrid and fully electrical drives increases demand for accurate prediction of noise and vibration characteristic of electric and electronic components. This paper describes the numerical and experimental investigation of noise emission from PMSM electric machine as a one of the most important noise sources in electric vehicles.