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Grimaccia, Francesco
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Preliminary Implementation Study of ACHEON Thrust and Vector Electrical Propulsion on a STOL Light Utility Aircraft

Nimbus SRL-Francesco Grimaccia
Universidade Da Beira Interior-Jose Pascoa, Shyam Das
Published 2015-09-15 by SAE International in United States
One of the best airplanes ever realized by the European Aircraft industry was the Dornier Do 28D Skyservant, an extraordinary STOL light utility aircraft with the capability to carry up to 13 passengers. It has been a simple and rugged aircraft capable also of operating under arduous conditions and very easy and simple maintenance.The architecture of this airplane, which has operated actively for more than 20 years, is very interesting analyzing the implementation of a new propulsion system because of the unusual incorporation of two engines, as well as the two main landing gear shock struts of the faired main landing gear attached to short pylons on either side of the forward fuselage. This unconventional design allows an easy implementation of different propulsion units, such as the history of different experimental versions allowed.This paper presents the preliminary definition of an increased performance cogeneration system for optimizing the energy efficiency and maximizing the thrust of ducted fan propeller. It then produces an effective design of the ACHEON nozzle for such an aircraft, the definition of the…
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Multifunctional Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft for Low-Speed and STOL Operations

Nimbus SRL-Alfredo Capuani, Francesco Grimaccia
Universidade Da Beira Interior-Shyam Das, Jose Pascoa
Published 2015-09-15 by SAE International in United States
This paper presents a novel UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) designed for excellent low speed operations and VTOL performance. This aerial vehicle concept has been designed for maximizing the advantages by of the ACHEON (Aerial Coanda High Efficiency Orienting-jet Nozzle) propulsion system, which has been studied in a European commission under 7th framework programme.This UAS concept has been named MURALS (acronym of Multifunctional Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft for Low-speed and STOL operation). It has been studied as a joint activity of the members of the project as an evolution of a former concept, which has been developed during 80s and 90s by Aeritalia and Capuani. It has been adapted to host an ACHEON based propulsion system. In a first embodiment, the aircraft according to the invention has a not conventional shape with a single fuselage and its primary objective is to minimize the variation of the pitching moment allowing low speed operations. The shape with convex wings has been specifically defined to allow a future possibility of enabling stealth operations.Main objective of the design activity has been…
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Regulatory and Standardization Process for Unconventional Aircraft in Light UAV Segment

Nimbus SRL-Francesco Grimaccia
Published 2013-09-17 by SAE International in United States
In this paper the regulatory and standardization aspects regarding the light UAV segment are described reporting main steps and activities carried out during the FP7 European SkyMedia funded project.With respect to the Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle regulation achievements, a detailed process conducted beside the Italian Flight Regulation Authority (ENAC) is reported emphasizing the key points that led to receive multiple Permit to Fly for Nimbus novel hybrid UAV platform, the first case in Italy in the category of “light UAV”.With specific reference to the UAV segment, after showing the complex procedure defined with such Authority to receive authorization to fly for project final demo, some light on the future perspectives for light UAV regulation will be provided underlining efforts and contributions to define a clear track on the UAV development in civil applications.In this context, further experimental procedures can be implemented in the next future to extend such procedures to other motivated cases likes, for example, national security or similar civil protection operations. Since nowadays a special regulation is missing in this field, this activity can…
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