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Chakraborty, Ayan
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Design of Lightweight Composites for Vehicle Front End Energy Management of Bumper Beam

Indian Institute of Technology-Balasubramanian Muthiah, Velmurugan Ramachandran
Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd.-Praveen Kumar, Sarma Sr Akella, Ayan Chakraborty, Shankar M Venugopal
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-0085
To be published on 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
Application of advance composites in place of the various conventional materials such as steel can give significant weight and performance advantages. The application of composites is now finding it’s way in the automotive industry due to the growing requirement of the lightweight solutions and high strength to weight ratio. However, their low mechanical properties have limited their application in automotive structural components. The study presented here is focused on the explicit dynamic analysis of a bumper beam and advance composites are used for the study. Different configurations and designs of the bumper are considered to be able to make a comparative study of the stress and deformation levels. The analysis was done in coherence to the Euro NCAP tests and the offset frontal impact analysis was done. The boundary conditions were aligned with the real time impact conditions for proper prediction of the results. Based on stress, deformation, specific strength and weight, the replacing materials for existing steel bumper are considered and the corresponding energy absorption are calculated. Laminated composites such as Glass, Carbon and…
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Design of Light Weight Spoiler for Efficient Aerodynamic Performance of a Vehicle

Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd.-Praveen Kumar, Aditya Pandey, Vivek KV Shenoy, BalaChandar R, Ayan Chakraborty
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-0003
To be published on 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
The spoiler is functional as well as aesthetic part fitted on the vehicles to improve the vehicle aerodynamic performance and better aesthetic appeal. The improvement of aerodynamics performance of the vehicle at higher speeds is achieved by reducing the overall vehicle coefficient of drag. This helps in better handling and improved fuel efficiency of the vehicle thus contributing to development of greener vehicle.In this project, our main focus is to reduce overall vehicle coefficient of drag, Design a light weight spoiler and improve the vehicle aesthetic appearance.
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Wood Microfibres - Effective Reinforcing Agents for Composites

University of Toronto-Ayan Chakraborty, Mohini Sain, Mark Kortschot
Published 2006-04-03 by SAE International in United States
This work is based on a process to develop novel cellulose microfibre reinforced composite materials, and to understand fundamental mechanical properties of these composites. Cellulose microfibres having diameters <1 μm were generated from bleached kraft pulp by a combination of high shear refining and subsequent cryocrushing under liquid nitrogen, followed by filtration through a 60 mesh screen. Through film casting in polyvinyl alcohol, theoretical stiffness of the microfibres was calculated as 69 GPa. Subsequently, these microfibres were successfully dispersed in the bioplastics thermoplastic starch and polylactic acid (PLA), using conventional processing equipments. The high aspect ratio of these microfibres coupled with their high tensile properties imparted superior mechanical strength and stiffness to the composites. These indicated that by suitably choosing the polymer, excellent reinforcement can be achieved for high end applications like automotive parts.
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