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Put on the Brakes: Know Your Disks, Hubs, and Driveshafts

Most electric robots today use servomotors for direct-drive operation. While servomotors eliminate the need for clutches, brakes are still required to stop a robotic arm when necessary. One of the major risks of robotics — and what OEMs certainly never want to see — is an uncontrolled robot!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gas Engines: ADAS

When you control the power of batteries and gas engines, you make the powertrain more efficient. When you make powertrains more efficient, you improve fuel economy. One group of technologies that can you help you better manage your vehicle’s energy: ADAS, or advanced driver assistance systems.

Fiber Lasers for Powertrain Welding

In the Tech Briefs article, see for yourself how the CO2 laser welding of transmission gears stacks up to fiber lasers. Up-close images reveal how the fiber laser welding and CO2 laser welding of powertrain gears give essentially identical results: a deep penetration weld, good aspect ratio, and no spatter.
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