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Put on the Brakes: Know Your Disks, Hubs, and Driveshafts

Most electric robots today use servomotors for direct-drive operation. While servomotors eliminate the need for clutches, brakes are still required to stop a robotic arm when necessary. One of the major risks of robotics — and what OEMs certainly never want to see — is an uncontrolled robot!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gas Engines: ADAS

When you control the power of batteries and gas engines, you make the powertrain more efficient. When you make powertrains more efficient, you improve fuel economy. One group of technologies that can you help you better manage your vehicle’s energy: ADAS, or advanced driver assistance systems.

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Small Powertrain and Energy Systems Technology Conference

November 10-12, 2020 Minneapolis, Minnesota SAE International 3 Day Conference

Join 300+ technical experts and business leaders in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for two and a half days of interactive learning, thought leadership, and technological innovation. Explore the latest in small powertrain systems technology—fuels, energy sources, environmental impacts, components, materials, and more—from SAE International, the leader in connecting and educating engineers.

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A Familiarization of Drivetrain Components

SAE International On Demand Courses

An efficient, durable, and quiet running drivetrain is as essential to customer satisfaction as styling and interior creature comforts. This seven-module, on-demand course is designed to expose you to various methods used to accomplish this goal and will help you to visualize individual components and their functions within the entire drivetrain system, without reference to complicated equations.