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SAE International explores critical topics in transportation cybersecurity with industry, government, and legal experts including Qualcom's Senior Director of Technical Standards, and SAE Member, Jim Misener.  

- What 5G Means for Transportation Cybersecurity" and others. 
- Driving Organizational Awareness Internally and Externally
- Understanding the Cybersecurity Regulatory Environment
- A White-List Wake-Up Call for OEMs and Suppliers



Editor's Picks

11-01-01-0001 | 2018-02-14
Journal Article
Designers of automotive systems find themselves pulled in an impossible number of directions. Systems must use the most advanced security features, but at the same time run on low-cost and resource-constrained hardware. Ultimately, an engineer…
2018-01-0012 | 2018-04-03
Technical Paper
Advanced safety features and new services in connected cars depend on the security of the underlying vehicle functions. Due to the interconnection with the outside world and as a result of being an embedded system a modern vehicle is exposed to both, malicious activities as faced by traditional I…
2018-01-0016 | 2018-04-03
Technical Paper
Externally-connected Electronic Control Units (ECUs) contain millions of lines of code, which may contain security vulnerabilities. Hackers may exploit these vulnerabilities to gain code execution privileges, which affect public safety. Traditional Cybersecurity solutions fall short in meeting au…
2018-01-0018 | 2018-04-03
Technical Paper
In the automotive network architecture, the basic functions of gateway include routing, diagnostic, network management and so on. With the rapid development of connected vehicles, the cybersecurity has become an important topic in the automotive network. A spoof ECU can be used to hack the automo…
2018-01-0019 | 2018-04-03
Technical Paper
Some of the recent studies reveal that it is possible to access the in-vehicle networks and inject malicious messages to alter the behavior of the vehicle. Researchers have shown that, it is possible to hack a car’s communication network and remotely take control of brake, steering, power window …

In The News

SHFAYIM, Israel (Reuters) - Technology that has helped Israel’s military drive tanks, guide and intercept missiles, and keep its computer systems secure is being redeployed in the development of driverless cars.
Reuters | 2018-05-23
Data Technology
Global Commercial Vehicle ADAS market 2018-2022, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

According to the report, the introduction of sensor technology will be a key driver driving the growth of the market. Sensors are engineered to detect chemical, physical, and process changes, and detects changes in its immediate environment. Vendors are increasingly integrating automotive sensors that monitor on-board conditions in vehicles, as these sensors aid in executing automated operations.
Cision | 2018-05-23
Volkswagen Group has officially opened a campus in Tel Aviv named Konnect to provide local partners and start-ups direct access to the group and its many brands. It will support business collaborations within the highly innovative tech scene in Israel as well as support in mentoring and consulting.
Just Auto | 2018-05-22
The rapid rise in demand for connected cars is changing the way automotive OEMs do business, according to a Frost & Sullivan report released Monday.Carmakers are looking for software partners to help design user interfaces and user experience platforms that will give them an edge in the increasingly competitive market.
Connected Car | 2018-05-21

Shahin Farshchi , CONTRIBUTORI fund founders accelerating humanity through feats of engineering Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.A test driver removes his hands from the steering wheel of a Tesla Motors Inc. Model S electric automobile fitted with self driving technology, developed by Robert Bosch GmbH, during the Bosch mobility experience in Boxberg, Germany, on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. (Andreas Arnold/Bloomberg)
Autonomous cars went from science project, to possibility, to inevitability in less than half a decade.  Billions have been invested, hundreds of thousands of the world best engineers have been put to the task, and millions of mileshave been traveled, autonomously.  Ladies and gentlemen: the promise of the robotaxi is closer than ever to becoming a reality.
Forbes | 2018-05-22