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Stratasys Ltd. unveiled the spin-off of its Selective Toner Electrophotographic Process (STEP) technology and forming of Evolve Additive Solutions. Evolve’s STEP technology—which began as electrophotography-based additive manufacturing (EPSD) in 2009—is aimed at producing parts at a cost, quality, and throughput comparable to traditional manufacturing processes.

Made In Space, Inc. (MIS) is celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) printing onboard the International Space Station (ISS). With two successful years of in-orbit manufacturing for both NASA and the U.S. National Laboratory, MIS plans to incorporate capabilities to allow operators aboard ISS to print with stronger, more complex materials such as metals, composites, and carbon nanotube-doped materials.


Editor's Picks

AMS4303C | 2017-04-24
Aerospace Material Specification
This specification covers an aluminum alloy in the form of plate.
V126-1EJ | 2017-08-29
The SAE International Journal of Aerospace is the preeminent source for peer reviewed cutting-edge engineering research within the aerospace industry. The Journal is an essential resource for anyone in academia, industry, and …
WP-0001 | 2017-06-26
White Paper
NASA has embarked on an ambitious program to integrate additive manufacturing techniques and to develop processes for the microgravity environment. The most recent example of this program is the successful launch and deployment of the first 3D printer on the International Space Station. In this o…

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Advanced Manufacturing aerospace
Fast production at low costs are the main advantages of wire-based additive manufacturing technologies for aircraft applications.

The industry is among the leaders in 3D printing of metal parts. Within the Regis project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Airbus is working on the application of additive manufacturing together with various companies.
Aero Manufacturing | 2018-04-18
Advanced Manufacturing
APWORKS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Premium AEROTEC as Airbusrelinquishes its share holding.

Premium AEROTEC is a tier one supplier of metal components for Airbus aircraft, the German company is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus. In 2013 APWORKS began life as an Airbus Group spin-off and has since developed projects with enterprises including Dassault Systems and LPW Technology.
3DPrintingIndustry | 20185-04-18
The Blockchain market is predicted to grow at a 61.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2016 and 2021, growing from $.2B to $2.3B in 2021. The largest segments are in business and financial services and technology, media and telecom. The largest protocols include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Deloitte found that banks have reportedly saved between $8B to $12B annually using blockchain technologies to improve operational efficiencies.
Forbes | 2018-04-17
Advanced Manufacturing
Thanks to a collaboration with Proto Precision Manufacturing Solutions and GE Additive, The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) has added state-of-the-art industrial metal printers to their additive manufacturing laboratory.
AM& | 2018-04-17
BMW Editorial Only
German automotive giant BMW has announced that it will soon be launching a new 3D printing facility, to help further the implementation of the technology in its manufacturing processes. The new Additive Manufacturing Campus will cost around 10 million Euros ($12 million) to build, and it will be located in Oberschleissheim, just north of Munich. It is expected to open sometime in 2019. | 2018-04-16