5*StarS consortium to use five-star rating system for automotive cyber security

5*StarS, a consortium of automotive-related firms, has been awarded UK government funded grants to develop technologies to help defend autonomous cars from cyber security attacks.The consortium is to develop a five-star type consumer rating framework. 

5*StarS includes partners HORIBA MIRA, Ricardo, Roke, Thatcham Research, and Axillium Research. It will receive grant funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to launch the ‘Automotive Cyber Security through Assurance’ project. The project will address the increased threat from cyber security with the proliferation of connected and autonomous road vehicles.

The consortium will research and develop an assurance methodology to assure that connected autonomous vehicles components and systems have been designed and tested to the relevant cyber security standards throughout their lifecycle. The ultimate aim of the consortium is to develop a five-star type consumer rating framework. 

UK business and energy secretary Greg Clark said: “The race for developing connected and autonomous vehicles is accelerating and as a government we are determined to build on our strengths and ensure the UK is at the forefront of this revolution.”

“We have an excellent record in innovation in the UK and through our Industrial Strategy, we will build on our strengths so the UK auto sector remains world-leading,” he added. “That is why we have announced support today for 5*StarS as schemes like these will be key to turning research and development into anchoring future production.” 

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Chris Reeves, head of connected autonomous vehicles at HORIBA MIRA, said: “This project is a major step forward in not only clarifying the risks associated with connected autonomous vehicles for the insurance industry, but also in increasing consumer confidence. The project will also help to realize the commercial opportunity connected autonomous vehicles bring for the UK, and we’re delighted to lead a consortium of global players capable of addressing this major emerging challenge.”

Mark Miller is a contributing writer to SAE International. He has worked as a technology writer and editor for IBM and other advanced information technology firms. His areas of concentration include artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, analytics, and Internet of Things technologies.