Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee G-32 established by SAE International

Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee G-32 has been established by SAE International to address the critical need for government, industry and academia to collaborate in addressing the security of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

Cyber physical systems are defined as technologies that combine the cyber and physical worlds that can respond in real time to their environments. Cyber physical systems include electronic parts, assemblies, systems, and system elements that operate as a single, self-contained device or within an interconnected network providing shared operations. 


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This committee will standardize a systems engineering approach to address cyber physical systems security with the goal of designing resilient systems that can survive an attack.  It will establish and standardize methods for identifying vulnerabilities in cyber physical systems that could be introduced at any point in the CPS life cycle. 

Cyber physical systems are subject to potential attack through vulnerabilities in electronic parts, systems, and system elements that could be used to compromise CPS function or gain access to critical and sensitive system information. 

Standardization is needed to codify the cyber physical systems security framework and to provide requirements and guidance for implementation, SAE International stated.  According to SAE International, the committee’s initial work will include characterizing of the risk of the CPS, assessing vulnerabilities, and recommending mitigating actions.  The committee also aims to advance the knowledge of how vulnerabilities are introduced and exploited in cyber physical systems.

Judith Ritchie, director, government and industry affairs, aerospace, stated that the new committee is always welcoming new members. Those interested in joining the committee can email her at

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