SAE CyberAuto Challenge

100 Million Lines of Code and Counting

July 21-26, 2019 Warren, MI, United States SAE International

With 100 million lines of code and counting (that’s 40% more code than runs Facebook) and 100 million electronic control units, the modern automobile presents challenges for developers and opportunity for hackers. In its eighth year, the 2019 SAE CyberAuto Challenge™ brings together all of the players—from researchers, hackers, engineers, and aspiring students—at this groundbreaking event in automotive cybersecurity.

As a participant in the CyberAuto Challenge you will take part in an intensive five-day practicum-based workshop. You will learn and do:
  • Both classroom lessons and discussions that are paired with hands-on experience with fully production cars, software, and electronics
  • Full interaction with a cross section of industry professionals, including engineers, government engineers, and “white-hat hackers”
  • The opportunity to perform analysis and provide input on current model, full-feature cars.

Become a sponsor of the 2019 SAE CyberAuto Challenge™ to help foster the next generation of cyber-auto engineers. Your support helps to ignite interest in the automotive industry among the best and brightest college and high school students and creates an immersive, collaborative community vested in the advancement of the cyber-auto industry.

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