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Lockheed Martin develops cybersecurity standardization model

The Cyber Resiliency Level (CRL) model is a risk-based, mission-focused and cost-conscious framework that provides a structured set of methodologies and processes to help measure risk across six categories. Each category is defined across four levels of increasing maturity and have been noted by the U.S. Department of Defense as top concerns.

Can crypto reduce mobile phone use when driving?

Dolphin Technologies GmbH – an Austrian company specializing in telematics solutions for insurance companies – has spun up a new cryptocurrency that could lead to less mobile phone-related traffic accidents. The company’s Mobilio app rewards drivers with points when they ignore their mobile phones while driving.

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SAE CyberAuto Challenge

July 21-26, 2019 Warren, MI, United States SAE International

With 100 million lines of code and counting (that’s 40% more code than runs Facebook) and 100 million electronic control units, the modern automobile presents challenges for developers and opportunity for hackers. In its eighth year, the 2019 SAE CyberAuto Challenge™ brings together all of the players—from researchers, hackers, engineers, and aspiring students—at this groundbreaking event in automotive cybersecurity.

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