The Pillars of Leadership



This five-part series focuses on research, CEO interviews and corporate engagements of Jason Jennings and Laurence Houghton. These ideas and valuable practices of successful leaders have been converted to high-impact e-Learning as a “Front Row Seat” for managers and leaders – especially those who have great knowledge and technical ability but have not had the opportunity to learn from the best. Each lesson is filled with tips, stories and activities. Participants will be able to self-assess your leadership strengths and create an action plan for developing yourself and your teams. Participants will be positioned to commit to growth as a means to sustainable success, instill a sense of purpose, align people in the right roles through effective communication, let go of conventional wisdom in favor of change and reinvention, and adopt a stewardship mentality.

Learning Objectives

By participating in this ELearning course, you'll be able to:


  • Recognize the importance of attracting, keeping, and growing your people
  • The power of focusing on better futures by reinvesting in customers
  • Why giving back and growing communities reinforces growth for your company


  • Create a meaningful purpose that truly engages today’s workers
  • Build a strong purpose into the fabric of the organization
  • Build healthier, more focused, and harder working teams


  • Find and select the right people for your company culture
  • Learn to deeply connect with team members for a long term relationship
  • Learn the power of discovery conversations

Letting Go

  • Understand the four things you have to let go of
  • Let go of the habits, and bureaucracy which slow us down
  • Learn how to change, innovate, and grow faster, by letting go


  • Learn the four keys to steward leadership: sharing power, putting others first, caring, and preserving resources
  • Learn how to build team alignment toward growth
Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR and benefits professionals, project managers, business owners and executives who wish to enhance their leadership skills for the betterment of themselves and their organizations.

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