SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing

  • ISSN 1946-3987

Aims & Scope

The SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing publishes authoritative and in-depth research in the areas of materials, design, and manufacturing. In addition to analytical findings, the Journal addresses integration and implementation of scientific and engineering practices that advance the state of the art and benefit society. The Journal is assembled to present and promote wide-ranging research of the following areas:

  • Materials: such as materials development, analysis, modeling, testing (this includes ferrous/non-ferrous materials, composites, nano-technologies and coatings)
  • Design: such as design analysis, modeling, simulations, and optimization (includes robust design, durability, reliability, quality, uncertainty, and sustainability)
  • Manufacturing: such as manufacturing practices, process, simulations, and methodologies (including forming, joining, assembling, lean manufacturing, and supply chain)