Crimping Thin PTFE Tubes Onto Thin Stainless-Steel Tubes

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  • TBMG-30004
Published May 01, 1999 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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A crimping technique has been developed for fastening polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tubes of 0.032-in. (0.81-mm) outside diameter and 0.0105-in. (0.267-mm) inside diameter onto stainless-steel hypodermic tubes of 0.0105-in. (0.267-mm) outside diameter. The technique was developed to provide lightweight connections that would not slip or leak when subjected to rapid, repeated movements. The technique is needed because connections made with such conventional means as wrapped and/or twisted wires, flared tubes, ringed hose barbs, and combinations of these eventually slip and/or leak when handled or moved repeatedly.