Trends in Thermal Imaging

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  • TBMG-28511
Published March 01, 2018 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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Most manufacturers of uncooled amorphous silicon (AS) and vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer focal plane array (FPA) products have long been producing imaging devices with 17 μm pixel-pitch arrays. Currently, 320 × 240 × 17 μm and 640 × 480 × 17 μm arrays are commonly available as FPA products, sensor cores, and numerous camera products. Several different designs of fixed focal length and continuous zoom optics based on these 17 μm pixel-pitch longwave infrared (LWIR) products are also available. There is general uniformity and compatibility throughout the industry between these camera products and optics which allows customers to choose from a wide array of sensor and optics attributes when developing a new camera product.