Hybrisol Rocket Engines

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  • TBMG-2112
Published September 01, 1999 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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"Hybrisol" denotes a proposed rocket engine that would contain hybrid and solid-propellant parts within a single combustion chamber. ["Hybrid" as used here denotes a type of rocket engine in which a solid fuel is burned by use of a liquid or gaseous oxidizer and the flow of the oxidizer can be throttled to control the engine. Unlike conventional solid rocket propellants, a solid fuel for a hybrid rocket engine can be made relatively inert in the absence of the oxidizer and therefore presents little hazard of explosion or inadvertent ignition.] Inside a hybrisol rocket engine, there would be two concentric tubular energy-storage layers: an outer layer of conventional solid rocket propellant and an inner layer of solid hybrid fuel (see figure).