Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool (MMPAT) Version 3

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  • TBMG-14675
Published September 01, 2012 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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The Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool (MMPAT) simulates a spacecraft power subsystem including the power source (solar array and/or radioisotope thermoelectric generator), bus-voltage control, secondary battery (lithium-ion or nickel-hydrogen), thermostatic heaters, and power-consuming equipment. It handles multiple mission types including heliocentric orbiters, planetary orbiters, and surface operations. Being parametrically driven along with its user-programmable features can reduce or even eliminate any need for software modifications when configuring it for a particular spacecraft. It provides multiple levels of fidelity, thereby fulfilling the vast majority of a project’s power simulation needs throughout the lifecycle. It can operate in a standalone mode with a graphical user interface, in batch mode, or as a library linked with other tools.