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Occupant Protection and Injury Assessment in the Automotive Crash Environment

  • Special Publication
  • SP-1231
  • ISBN 1-56091-943-4
Published February 24, 1997 by SAE International in United States
Occupant Protection and Injury Assessment in the Automotive Crash Environment
  • English
  • 284 pages
The success that air bags have experienced in reducing fatalities and injuries of the car occupants has also brought about new and unforeseen problems in safety. This book explores possible options for airbag deployment, and examines current research in impact injury analysis. Contents include: seat belt limitations in collisions that involve no compromise of the passenger compartment; crashworthiness and compatibility of low mass vehicles in collisions; a pneumatic airbag deployment system for experimental testing; effect of front seat stiffness in federal dynamic side imapct; simulation of seat integrated side airbag deployment; critical comparisons of US and European dynamic side impacts; chest injury risks to drivers for alternative airbag inflation rates; plastic housings for safety critical airbag triggering units; flow and energy pattern in pyrotechnic airbag inflator-canister system; effectiveness of countermeasures in upper interior head impact; heart injuries among restrained occupants in frontal crashes; relationships between crash casualties and crash attributes; injury mechanisms and field accident data analysis in rollover accidents; multi-body model of upper extremity interaction with deploying a and assessing arm injury potential from deploying airbags.