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Advanced Aerospace Aerodynamics

  • Special Publication
  • SP-0757
  • ISBN 0-89883-684-0
Published October 01, 1988 by SAE International in United States
Advanced Aerospace Aerodynamics
  • English
  • 260 pages

A special effort was made this year to document some of the remarkable research being done in the area of laminar flow aerodynamics and transition. Three sessions were formulated: one concerns the simulation of transition using the Navier Stokes equations and the other two relate results from flight, wind tunnel, and analytical studies for a number of configurations and speed regimes.

Sessions were added this year in high angle-of-attack aerodynamics and hypersonics in recognition of the important role that the former is now playing the design of advanced military aircraft and the latter in the development of the Aero-Space Plane. The Ground Vehicle Aerodynamics Session is also new and is of particular interest due to the increasing use of high order aerodynamic codes and the latest wind-tunnel test techniques in automobile design. The opportunity for scientists and engineers from the aerospace and automotive world to compare notes is clear.

The Test Techniques Session has papers on a wide spectreum of wind- tunnel testing problems and technology advances. Indeed several contain information of a revolutionary nature. Applied CFD, Propulsion Aerodynamics, Unique Configurations, and Aerodynamics of Armament Integration continue to command considerable attention from the research and development community and the papers presented in these sessions are representative of the latest work.