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The Mobility Society

  • Book
  • R-554
  • ISBN 978-1-4686-0588-4
Published December 13, 2023 by SAE International in United States
The Mobility Society
  • English
  • 108 pages

Over the last century and a half, modern life has largely been characterized by stability and predictability, where individuals settled in one place and followed familiar routines. The late 19th century saw the rise of global brands and transportation advancements, making the world smaller in a virtual sense and more accessible in a logistical one. By the 1990s, global brands and easy transport were the norm, yet the patterns of life remained largely unchanged.

About three decades ago, the pace of change quickened dramatically. Ties to a fixed location weakened, economic forces shifted, and telecommunications shifted from landlines to cellular and IP services. Norms around employment shifted, giving rise to the gig economy. Companies like Amazon and Uber reshaped expectations, leading to an "anything, anywhere, anytime" culture.

The Mobility Society emerged, a constant evolution transcending place and time. This transformation is expertly explored and defined by the insightful mind of Paul Warburton, who has been at the forefront of this movement for over a decade. His "Now – Near – Far" structure has become a powerful tool in planning and understanding the changes that lie ahead.

This book weaves together the complex web of technological and societal changes shaping the Mobility Society. For those involved in these transformations, this book offers fascinating insights, while for those in policymaking roles, it is a crucial guide to understanding and preparing for the inevitable evolution.