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Multiplexing and Networking

  • Progress In Technology
  • PT-78
Published October 15, 1999 by SAE International in United States
Multiplexing and Networking
  • English
  • 664 pages
Multiplexing - the simultaneous transmission of more than one signal over a single wire - was originally used to eliminate the need for bulky wiring harnesses. Today, multiplexing and networking are being used in many automobiles to monitor performance and rapidly pass data in real time among the car's various subsystems. Multiplexing and Networking contains 70 landmark papers on multiplexing, networking considerations, and protocols. These papers address the many concerns associated with designing and choosing an electronic network including: media bandwith, electromagnetic (EMC) compatability, fault tolerance, serviceability, environmental requirements, network architecture, and cost. Topics covered include: Multiplexing - performance modeling, maintenance issues, EMC in multiplexing, and data reduction in multiplex systems; Networking Considerations - high- speed vehicle networks, Body Electronics Area Network (BEAN), real-time software, and data bus communication capabilities; Protocols - J1850 Protocol, J1939 Protocol, time-triggered Protocol, Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol, and other protocols. The next generation vehicle architecture.

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