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  • Progress In Technology
  • PT-74
Published February 15, 1998 by SAE International in United States
  • English
  • 432 pages

Actuators are a critical part of electronic control systems. They do the work to raise and lower windows; adjust the antenna, mirrors or seats; pump oil, water, or fuel; activate the airbag or anti-lock brakes; and open and close valves. This book contains 48 landmark papers covering the increasing range of uses for actuators in an automotive environment.

Papers are grouped by the type of application, but within each application group, a number of different types of actuators are discussed. The book contains the following sections: Introduction: The Workhorses of Electronic Control Systems; Actuators in Fuel Metering Systems; Engine Valve Control; Actuators in Steering Systems; Actuators in Suspension Systems; Actuators in Vibration and Noise Control; Actuators in Restraint Systems; Multipurpose Actuators; Mechatronics; and Actuating: The Future.

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