Automotive Systems Engineering - Overview

  • Progress In Technology (PT)
  • PT-145/1
  • ISBN 978-0-7680-5723-2
Published 2010-11-29by SAE International in United States
Automotive Systems Engineering - Overview
  • English
  • 161 pages

Automotive systems engineering addresses the system throughout its life cycle, including requirement, specification, design, implementation, verification and validation of systems, modeling, simulation, testing, manufacturing, operation and maintenance. This book is the first in a series of four volumes on this subject and features 15 papers, published between 2004-2010, that emphasize the importance of systems concepts in the automotive area, and stress the use of advanced tools and approaches. Topics covered include: Technology transfer Six Sigma deployment Systems engineering capability in automotive systems In addition to 11 SAE technical papers, this volume also includes two invited papers: “Systems Engineering Definitions” by editor Subramaniam Ganesan and “Systems Engineering for Military Ground Vehicles” by M. Mazzara and R. Iyer. Buy the Set and Save! The four-volume set consists of these individual volumes: Automotive Systems Engineering – Overview Automotive Systems Engineering – Requirements and Testing Automotive Systems Engineering – Modeling Automotive Systems Engineering – Approach and Verification