Metallurgy of Steel Through Hardening

This online course teaches about the metallurgy of the following steel through hardening processes: quench and temper, martempering, and austempering. Participants will learn about the effects of heat treating temperature and cooling rate on steel microstructure and properties, and the effects of the interaction between heat treating process parameters and steel composition on through hardened steel microstructure and strength. This course takes one hour to complete.

What Will You Learn

By participating in this online course, you'll be able to:
  • Describe the heat treatment processes used for through hardening
  • List the significant process variables for through hardening
  • Describe the effects on steel microstructure and properties of the significant through hardening and tempering process variables
  • Explain the difference between maximum hardness and hardenability
  • Read a hardenability curve
  • Relate hardenability to through hardened steel microstructure and hardness
  • Explain three common problems encountered with quenching and how to prevent these problems

Course Information

1.00 Hours
90 Days

Is This Course For You

This course is targeted to design, manufacturing, and quality engineers, and sales people and purchasing agents with technical backgrounds. It is suggested that, as a prerequisite, you have knowledge of the concepts covered in our Principles of Metallurgy online course.


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Materials Provided

  • 90 days (from date of purchase) of online access to the one hour presentation
  • Course handbook (downloadable, .pdf's)
  • Integrated knowledge checks to reinforce key concepts
  • Certificate of Completion (upon completion of all course content and a score of 70% or higher on the learning assessment)

Course Requirements

  • Windows or macOS
  • Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (Other OSs and browsers including mobile devices are not supported by may work)
  • Broadband-1Mbps minimum


  • Quench and temper
  • Steel hardenability
  • Common problems associated with quenching (distortion, cracking, retained austenite)
  • Martempering
  • Austempering

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