Guidance for Model-Based Development and Verification (DO-331)

This seminar is offered in China only and presented in Mandarin Chinese. The course materials are bilingual (English and Chinese).

In the past, Model-Based Development and Verification (MBDV) technology has been widely used and accepted in software production.  When this technology is used in airborne software, a number of key issues should be considered to ensure the airworthiness objectives and safety goals.  In order to clarify these issues and ease the use the MBDV technology, DO-331 is published as a supplement to DO-178C, to provide consensus guidance to applicants and certification authorities. 

MBDV has been used more and more in critical software applications. As a MBDV supplement to DO-178C, DO-331 provides guidance to MBDV usage in airborne software. However, applicants still face uncertainty: how to verify the model, how to establish the trace, and what certification credit MBDV can gain, etc. Learning how to correctly meet the objectives of DO-331 becomes essential in the development of airborne software using MBDV technology. This seminar aims to deliver a thorough understanding of the core concept and the utilization of DO-331 by introducing attendees to the key issues that should be mastered to meet airworthiness objectives when MBDV technology and DO-331 are used as a mean of compliance.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Describe the background, purpose and airworthiness objectives of DO-331
  • Differentiate between what is a model and what is not a model
  • Discuss the impact of MBDV on software lifecycle processes
  • Identify the certification credits MBDV may deliver and may not deliver
  • Apply software lifecycle and appropriate software development and verification activities according to MBDV technology 
  • Demonstrate compliance with DO-331 objectives and minimize cost while applying industry-best practices

Is This Course For You

Engineers in aviation airworthiness management and supplier management.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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