Analysis and Design of Hybrid Transmission System

There appears to be a significant gap between the Chinese and international hybrid technologies in terms of vehicle fuel consumption, system integration and cost control. This course has been designed to increase an engineers’ knowledge of hybrid transmission development, hybrid system design, and hybrid vehicle powertrain integration. The course focuses on energy efficiency in electric vehicles (EV) and HEV fuel economy while maintaining and improving engineering for optimal power and performance, cost control, and occupant comfort. The course introduces hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), their working conditions and conversion, configuration classification of hybrid system and hybrid transmissions; the sub-systems and components of hybrid systems (engine, motor, transmission, gear, clutch, synchronizer, etc.). Through the analysis of several typical hybrid transmissions, we will discuss in-depth the issues common in the overall design of a hybrid, including: the Prius power split hybrid system; a power split hybrid system with mode switching; design and analysis of P2/P2.5 hybrid system; deeply integrated P2/P2.5 mechatronics design; and a series-parallel hybrid (including extended range) system.

What Will You Learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Select the appropriate hybrid system configuration for HEVs (including PHEVs)
  • Design overall structure for hybrid powertrains
  • Optimize the system parameters for hybrid transmissions
  • Develop the functions and control strategies for hybrid transmissions
  • Match engines and optimize the powertrains for hybrid vehicles

Is This Course For You

Design, powertrain, systems, and/or application engineers involved in the design, development and integration of hybrid transmissions and components, improving fuel and energy efficiency of hybrid vehicles, improving hybrid vehicle power performance, and those involved in improving cost efficiency in the design and manufacturing of the hybrid vehicle will benefit by attending.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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