Tire Forensic Analysis

This course provides a detailed description of tire failure modes, their potential causes, identification, and the sometimes-subtle nuances that go along with determination of tire failure. In addition, proper inspection techniques of tires will be discussed and samples will be available to reinforce the concepts learned.

The course is helpful for investigators and individuals who need to  explore and explain tire failures and point out the failure contributing factors. The course will help to clarify failure root cause between tire production process deviation, tire design, and service application. The course explains the most common problems /issues related to tire handling, maintenance, service applications, tire components, and design as the failure contributing factors. The course includes common failure and root cause examples on Passenger, Light Truck, Industrial, Agricultural, Specialty, Lawn and Garden, Power Sport (ATV/Quad) tires.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Explain the methodologies of good tire inspection
  • Describe tire failure causes
  • Identify and determine root causes of tire failure

Is This Course For You

This course is extremely helpful for Accident Reconstructionists, Law Enforcement, Tire Claim and Warranty investigators and individuals who need to be able to explore and explain tire failures. Tire Process and Design Engineers, Tire Quality Engineers/Technicians and others involved in preventing tire defect related to process deviations, inspection prior to shipment to end users and performance in field service/inside tire test laboratories would also benefit from this course.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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Belt Separation Tread/Belt Detached and Intact
  • Identification
  • Rapid wear
  • Bulges/ bubbles/ blisters/voids
  • Belt Separation Locations and rate of growth
Other Belt Separation
  • Belt constructions parameters- (nylon/polyester/steel belts)
  • Belt stresses
  • Belt adhesion
Identification of Causes and Contributors to Belt Separations
  • Punctures, penetrations and repairs
  • Belt crow angle construction/tire mold radius/tire ground footprint force distribution
  • Intra-carcass pressurization (ICP) - oxygen deterioration
  • Over-deflection identification
Road-hazard Impact
  • No immediate failure - identification
  • Damage to casing and rubber components
  • Plies separations
  • Inner liner conditions
  • Tire components overlays
  • Bead failure and damages
  • Ozone Deterioration
  • Cut /Tears/Abrasions
  • Cutting and Chipping
  • Poor Tire Storage
  • Mounting & Demounting Damage
Wheel Conditions
  • Matching tire to wheel
  • Flange indicators of over-deflection
  • Manufacturing imprints
  • Tire examination