Human Systems Integration and SAE6906

This course introduces Human Systems Integration (HSI) and the new SAE International HSI best practice standard (SAE6906). DoD and other customers currently require HSI program plans in accordance with Department of Defense Data Item Description (DID) DI-HFAC-81743A. It is assumed that, for future system acquisition programs, customers (especially DoD) will require establishment and execution of a Human Systems Integration Program in compliance with SAE Systems Management Standard SAE6906. This course will assist students with planning and executing HSI program that are consistent with the DoD DID and SAE Standard 6906.  It provides an overview and description of HSI and its seven domains, and walks the student through the HSI program planning process. This course will facilitate development and tailoring of HSI program Plans, coordination of HSI plans and activities with other program disciplines, execution of HSI programs, documentation and progress reporting. Five exercises are included to provide experience with HSI program planning, organizing an HSI program plan, establishing an HSI Working Group, involving end-user-personnel in HSI activities, and ensuring effective Domain support to HSI.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Discriminate Human Systems Integration (HSI) from Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
  • Define HSI program requirements, scope, goals, structure, activities, plans, and budgets
  • Define responsibilities, composition and other characteristics of an HSI Working Group
  • Define HSI Domain support requirements
  • Author an HSI Program Plan for a major system acquisition project that complies with SAE Systems Management Standard SAE6906TM and DI-HFAC-81743A.

Is This Course For You

Contractor personnel and HIS specialists across the defense industry (including, ground vehicles, aerospace, intelligence, marine systems, etc.) charged with planning and/or executing HSI programs would benefit from this course.  After completing training, students should be able to plan, coordinate, budget, and document HSI programs that are fully compliant with customer HSI requirements. 

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • HSI: What it is and What it isn’t
    •  Background and Introduction
    •  HSI Program Planning (Activities, Resources, Coordination)
    •  HSI Program Execution (Activities, Coordination, Documentation)
    •  HSI Domains / Activities
  • SAE Systems Management Standard SAE6906TM
    • HSI Program Initiation and Planning
    • HSI Activities (Analysis, Design Support, Requirement Compliance, Production/Operations/Sustainment activities, Subcontracting, Progress/Quality Reporting)
  • SAE Standards Related to HSI – In Development
Summary / Take-away