Quality Function Deployment: Transforming Voice of the Customer into Engineering Specifications

This seminar is offered in China only and presented in Mandarin Chinese. The course materials are bilingual (English and Chinese).

Currently in the industry, especially within China, product requirement development is more of an experienced-based process rather than a scientific methodology. This course addresses this issue and provides a more process-driven method for better requirement development through the Quality Function Deployment (PFD) methodology.  Real industrial examples are used to demonstrate how to systematically convert voice of the customer data to engineering specifications using QFD.  By the end of this course, you will know how to categorize the voice of the customer information, how to systematically transform those data to engineering specs using the “house of quality”, how to analyze the QFD result, and how to effectively construct a QFD.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Categorize the voice of customer to different standards
  • Systematically convert the voice of customer to engineering specifications
  • Effectively construct a QFD
  • Analyze the QFD result


Is This Course For You

Systems Engineer, Requirements Engineer,  Requirement Development, Product Development Engineer, Market Analyst

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements



  • Motivation to develop better engineering requirements from VOCs
    • Four Quadrants Tools
  • Why VOCs Are Important
    • Traditional Design Weakness
    • Three Key Questions About your Customers
    • Customers - a New Definition
    • Customers’ Segmentations/Priority
    • Kano’s Model – Customer’s Requirements
    • What Do Customers Want
    • Sources of Customers’ Requirements
  • VOC/QFD Relevant Knowledge
    • Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    • QFD History
    • Key Components of QFD
    • Design Requirement & Objectives (DRO)
    • VOC to DRO Through 4 Houses of Quality
    • VOC to DRO Example
  • QFD Step by Step
    • Constructing a QFD: Step 0-6
    • Analyzing a QFD
    • Case study and Exercise
  • QFD Conclusions
    • QFD: Next Steps
    • Common QFD Pitfalls
    • Points to Remember
    • Other QFD Applications
    • QFD Summary