EMC Design for PCB Design for New Energy Vehicles

Developing environmentally cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles is transforming the automotive industry worldwide, particularly in China with its emphasis on new energy vehicles.

There are many engineering challenges that must be addressed in designing effective new energy vehicles. The technical knowledge required to understand and make the right decisions with regard to powertrain architecture, powertrain controls, and energy management strategies is critical to success in this market.

This 2 day seminar will focus on providing attendees with an overview of hybrid electric vehicle propulsion systems followed by design and control approaches for series, parallel, and plug-in hybrid powertrains. Finally, high efficiency energy management strategies are addressed. To ensure a thorough understanding of the design concepts and practical applications covered in this course, a number of case problems, examples, and demonstrations are utilized.

What Will You Learn

By attending this training program you will be able to:
  • Identify EMC test projects of finished vehicles and parts as well as the nature of EMC testing
  • Examine EMC design methods
  • Acquire EMC architecture design methodology for parts, especially those for new energy vehicles
  • Acquire PCB design method for parts, especially those for new energy vehicles
  • Identify analysis method for EMC problems

Is This Course For You

This course is designed for hardware design engineer, EMC engineer, system engineer, finished vehicle control system design engineer, PCB layout engineer and test engineer.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • What is EMC and EMC design
    • Nature of EMC problems
    • Design concept of EMC
  • Substantive interpretation of EMC testing
    • Nature of EMI testing
    • Nature of EMS testing
  • Frequency analysis and test results of EMI
  • Grounding design of electric vehicles and
  • EMC analysis method
    • Grounding and floating ground
    • Design of grounding
  • EMC analysis of driving device for electric vehicles
  • Design analysis of power filter circuit of driving device for electric vehicles
    • Design of differential mode filter circuit
    • Design of common mode filter circuit
  • Principle and design method of cable shielding
  • Analysis of relevant cases
    • Function of bypass capacitor
    • Whether or not the direct connection between PCB workplace and metal case will lead to the interference of electrical circuit by ESD
    • Metal case shielding leads to radiation emission failure

  • Internal and external coupling of PCB
  • Core content and design method of PCB Design 2
    • Design of ground plane
    • Design method for avoiding crosstalk between PCB lines
  • Design of digital-analog mixed circuit
  • Decoupling design and wave filtering
  • Study of relevant cases (The cases are distributed to their corresponding knowledge points)
    • Case: Techniques for ground plane design
    • Case: ESD problem caused by improper wiring of PCB
    • Case: Extra Strata copper that is 1 square centimeter in size is seen on PCB
    • Case: The effect of capacitance value on the decoupling of power supply