Aircraft Hydraulic Pumps and Motors - Application, Design and Integration

This 4 hour short course offers an overview of aircraft hydraulic pumps focusing on their application in hydraulic systems, design and performance characteristics, and integration issues. These topics will examine the various pump technologies available for aircraft system applications, their design, performance and operational characteristics and limitations, and discuss the challenges and lessons learned in the integration of pumps in hydraulic systems.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Identify the various pump and pump control technologies used in common hydraulic systems
  • Evaluate the design characteristics and limitations inherent in applying the various technologies of pumps in their application in hydraulic systems
  • Evaluate the critical aspects of integration of pumps in hydraulic systems, such as controlling air entrainment, heat removal, and back-up strategies
  • Evaluate the interfaces between pumps, hydraulic systems and other aircraft systems

Is This Course For You

This seminar is designed for engineers, executives, and other key personnel with some experience in hydraulic pump design or system integration. The former will benefit in understanding the application and integration of pumps, while the latter will benefit in understanding the complexities and limitations of current pump designs.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • General
    • Hydraulic systems overview
    • Brief history of aircraft hydraulics
    • Hydraulic pump technologies overview
  • Application of Hydraulic Pumps
    • Engine Driven Pumps
    • Electric Driven Pumps
    • Others, such as Air Driven and Hydraulic Driven Pumps (PTU"s)
  • Design of Hydraulic Pumps
    • Pumping Technologies
      • Fixed / Variable displacemeent
      • Axial piston inline
      • Bent axis
    • Critical Design Factors
      • PV factors
      • Dynamic characteristics
      • Inlet conditions
      • Control of pumps
    • Flow / Pressure / Torque performance characteristics
  • Integration Challenges and Lessons Learned
    • Starting Issues
      • Engine driven pump torque control
      • Electric motor pump inrush current
    • Air ingestion control
    • Fluid conditioning
    • Heat rejection / Case drain flow
    • Pressure ripple control
  • Overview of Industry Specifications and Other Reference Material