Introduction to DO-178C

The international standard titled DO-178C - Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification is the primary standard for commercial avionics software development. This standard provides recommendations for the production of airborne systems and equipment software. Compliance with the objectives of DO-178C is the primary means for meeting airworthiness requirements and obtaining approval of software used in civil aviation products.

This two-day seminar will introduce attendees to industry best practices for real-world software development and how to avoid common DO-178C mistakes. This seminar is intended to present the information necessary to help minimize DO-178C risks and costs, while also maximizing software quality during avionics development. The instructor will guide attendees through topics such as aircraft safety, systems, software planning, software requirements, and software design/code/test. The entire ecosystem of aviation avionics software development will be summarized including DO-178C"s relationship to other industry standards including the SAE standards ARP-4761 for Safety and ARP-4754A for Systems Development.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Evaluate the premise of DO-178C
  • Identify how DO-178C fits into the avionics development ecosystem
  • Examine software planning and standards
  • Identify software requirements, design, code, and testing for avionics
  • Describe basic configuration management and quality assurance
  • Analyze how to mitigate common DO-178C risks and minimize cost while applying industry-best practices

Is This Course For You

This course is designed for Avionics Software Managers and Engineers seeking a higher level of understanding of the requirements and practices of using DO-178C in software development. In addition, other personnel in need of a greater understanding of this standard will benefit from the information presented in this seminar.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • DO-178 Basics
    • Avionics Ecosystem
    • Relationship to ARP-4754A and ARP-4761
    • Avionics Safety
    • Avionics Systems
  • Software Planning
    • Criticality levels
    • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification (PSAC)
    • Software Quality Assurance Planning (SQAP)
    • Software Configuration Management Planning (SCMP)
    • Software Development Planning (SDP) -Requirements, Design, Code, and Integration
    • Software Verification Planning (SVP) - Reviews, Tests, and Analysis
  • DO-330 Tool Qualification and DO-331 Modeling
    • Why DO-33O- Tool qualification for DO-178C
    • Why DO-331 - Software Modelling for DO-178C
  • DO-332 OOT and DO-333 Formal Methods
    • Object Oriented Technology and DO-178Cs DO-332
    • Formal Methods and DO-178Cs DO-333