RFID Selection, Application, and Use in Aerospace, Space, and Transportation

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an enabling technology that has been widely adopted in the retail industry. The powers of RFID are acknowledged by many, but a lack of understanding of the technology, its limitations, and how to select the right plan for its target installation has slowed efforts to migrate the technology into the aerospace, space, and transportation industries. While RFID is not a new technology, the rate at which it has been integrated into the aerospace industry has been slow due to unique considerations regarding qualification, regulations, and safety. New Department of Defense (DoD) policies requiring an integrated materiel supply chain process that fully supports military operational requirements will further advance the use of RFID technologies. In addition the laws and regulations regulating its use are relevant for the proper application of this valuable technology. As industry strives for further cost reducing technologies, individuals will need to be able to identify, select, install, and operate the proper system for its application in these critical industry segments.


This one-day seminar will introduce participants to the technology of RFID and how it can be properly integrated into the aerospace, space, and transportation industries. With knowledge obtained as a project manager for the installation of over 30 successful systems, the instructor will begin with the technical aspects of RFID. The instructor will then guide participants through the business case for RFID followed by the selection, acquisition, and installation processes.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Identify the different types of RFID systems and their applications (RFID, GLS, RTLS, GPS)
  • Explain the different RFID components and their function within the system.
  • Identify the key areas within a factory for optimal success of an RFID system
  • Evaluate the laws and regulations for using RFID in your facility
  • Develop a RFID Return On Investment (ROI) for your application
  • Apply a technology application roadmap for an RFID installation.
  • Identify testing criteria for tag placement and optimal read rates.
  • Identify the terms, power, and limitations of RFID

Is This Course For You

This seminar is intended for individuals requiring the critical knowledge that will assist them in understanding and participating in decision processes when RFID is being considered for their specific application.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • Welcome, Introduction, and Assessment of Expectation
    • Overview of seminar material
    • Review of pre-submitted expectation forms Introduction to RFID
    • What is RFID
    • Types of RFID
    • RFID System Components
  • RFID Applications and Limitations
    • Retail applications
    • Aerospace applications
    • Transportation applications
    • Manufacturing applications
  • Feasibility Analysis: Will RFID Work for You
    • How to perform a feasibility analysis
    • How to test feasible targets and optimize for success
    • Establishing expectations and accuracy
    • Participation exercise
  • Developing Return On Investment (ROI)
    • Identifying current operating cost
    • System cost
    • Cost benefits analysis (ROI)
    • Participation exercise
  • System Selection and Acquisition
    • Selecting the right system
    • Determining how much system to buy
    • Acquiring the system
  • Summation: Out-Briefing
    • RFID technology review
    • Selection, acquisition, and installation review