Design Review Workshop

In today's highly competitive and liability minded environment, Design Reviews (DR) are a must for all major mobility industries such as Automotive, DOD, Aerospace, Agriculture, Recreation, Marine and Rail. While Design Reviews are becoming increasingly important in product liability litigation, they also serve as an effective way to transfer organizational best practices for specific concerns and issues.

This hands-on workshop describes how formal Design Reviews can be used in conjunction with other new product development methods to improve product designs by uncovering potential problems before they are discovered at a later stage of development or application when the costs of correction are much higher. A range of effective techniques for organizing and conducting Design Reviews will be presented. Participants will receive specific guidance and tools to assist them in tailoring Design Reviews to reflect their own organization"s requirements. Topics are applicable to a broad range of new product development programs, ranging from components to complete systems, for both OEMs and suppliers.

LEARN THEN DO - In this workshop the attendee not only learns the essential elements of a robust Design Review process but also has the opportunity to apply these principles in the conduct of a mock Design Review. Participants will also experience some of the frequently encountered real-world issues that distract from accomplishing good results. During these reviews the attendee will experience each of the roles in a typical Design Review; leader, facilitator, recorder, and participant. An after-action review will be performed following each DR session to discuss positive outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Note: Last day of class ends at approximately 12:30 pm

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Describe the relationship of the process to concurrent engineering and knowledge management
  • Establish the requirements for a successful Design Review process
  • Describe the types and timing of reviews
  • Organize a typical Design Review
  • Conduct a review and get positive results

Is This Course For You

The workshop is designed for individuals who are involved in the development of new products and who seek to improve that process. Product development team members including, but not limited to, directors, manager, project and program managers, design, development, process, product, quality, and application engineers will find the course valuable. It is aimed primarily at engineers and managers who will be facilitating or leading such reviews, but will also benefit manufacturing, marketing and purchasing personnel.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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Design Review Process

  • Why Design Reviews Should be Part of a Product Development Process
    • Market and quality drivers
    • Schedule and cost drivers
    • Litigation considerations
  • Outline of the Design Review Process
    • Design reviews as part of an overall risk management process
    • What design reviews are and are not
  • Types and Timing of Reviews
    • Concept reviews
    • Preliminary reviews
    • Critical reviews
    • Production readiness reviews
    • Other types of reviews
  • Scope of Design Reviews
    • Design review vs gate (or phase) review
    • Formal and informal reviews
    • Key ingredients for a successful review
    • Implementing a DR process

DAY TWO (ends at 12:30)
Design Review Hands-on Workshop

  • Organizing an Effective Design Review 
    • Roles during the DR
    • Selecting participants
    • Preparing for the DR
    • Assignments leading to a DR
    • Duration of a review
  • Conducting a Design Review
    • Conflict Management
    • Closure and follow-up
    • Using check lists to build organizational knowledge
    • Handling problem participants