Propulsion Systems for Hybrid Cars, 2ed

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  • B-IET-001
  • ISBN 978-1-84919-147-0
Published 2010-01-01by The Institution of Engineering and Technology in United Kingdom
Propulsion Systems for Hybrid Cars, 2ed
  • English
  • 608 pages

Completely updated with the most current topics of interest on plug-in hybrid and battery electrics, this new book provides comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the hybrid vehicle design. Key aspects include hybrid propulsion system architectures, propulsion system sizing, electric traction system sizing and design, loss mechanisms, system simulation and vehicle certification. Practicing engineers and managers involved in hybrid vehicle development, modeling and simulation, and testing will find this book invaluable.

Worldwide the automotive industry is being challenged to make dramatic improvements in vehicle fuel economy. Taking effect in 2012, the new rules set more aggressive fuel economy measures that will require significant gains in engine and driveline efficiency, better performance cabin climate control, and the introduction of electric hybridization. The second edition of Propulsion Systems for Hybrid Vehicles addresses the electrification innovations that will be required to make these goals a reality. They encompass low-end brake energy recuperators, idle-stop systems, mild and strong hybrids, and power-split architecture in both single-mode and two-mode hybrid systems.

  • Key Aspects Include:
  • Hybrid Vehicle Design, Characterization, Test & Validation
  • Propulsion System Architectures & Sizing
  • Electric Drive System System Technologies
  • Power Electronics for AC Drives
  • Drive System Control & Efficiency
  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Automated Electrified Transportation