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The Practical Reference Guide for Welding Titanium

  • Book
  • B-AWS-003
Published January 01, 1999 by American Welding Society in United States
The Practical Reference Guide for Welding Titanium
  • English
  • 15 pages
Titanium need not be all that hard to weld! In industrial sectors the common opinion is that titanium alloys are difficult to weld. While it is true that titanium alloys can be embrittled by carless welding techniques, it is equally true that these materials are much more weldable than their reputation suggests. This reference guide discusses the difficulties that originate from several basic sources when welding titanium and titanium alloys. The high reactivity of titanium with other materials, poor cleaning of parts before joining, and inadequate protection during welding can lead to contamination, porosity and embrittlement of the completed joints. Topics Covered: • Weld Cleaning • Gas Shield Arc Welding Processes • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding • Gas Metal Arc Welding • Plasma Arc Welding • Other Welding Processes